Take Your Woodworking Skills to the Next Level with Framing Tech Router Sled Kits

Wood shaped with a router
Router bit profiles
Profiles made in wood by several common router bits (Source: Wikipedia/Fred the Oyster)

A surprising number of professional carpenters and woodworking hobbyists consider the router—with or without a router sled—their most useful and versatile electric tool. And with good reason! Best described as a hybrid combination of a planer, a power drill, and a collection of wood-carving gouges and chisels, routers are able to shape wood in an astonishing variety of ways. Depending on the type of router (plunge router, fixed-base, combo, variable-speed, laminate trimmer, CNC, etc.), they are capable of…

  • carving grooves and rabbets
  • chamfering and beveling
  • incising shallow reliefs
  • drilling clean holes
  • creating decorative flutings
  • recessing hinges
  • profiling edges
  • making screw threads
  • hollowing out adzed bowls
  • trimming wood flat
  • cutting dovetail, mortise-&-tenon, and other types of joints

…and generally shaping wood in ways that would often be difficult if not nearly impossible using just hand tools.

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The Surprising Benefits of Efficient Aluminum Shelving

Aluminum shelving with sneakers

In a previous blog that explored aluminum shelving as the next step in the evolution of storage solutions, we explored the history of—and numerous variations on—the humble shelf as a piece of furniture ideally suited to storing not just books but many other types of accumulated object. In this article we will explore a unique three-dimensional-space aspect of this particular piece of furniture.

Shelving: A Brilliant Breakthrough in Space-saving Utility

Shelves are so commonplace that one could easily go through life without ever contemplating what a nifty little invention they truly are. The downside there is that, given that we spend so little time thinking about them, we miss out on the not-always-intuitive ways something as seemingly mundane as aluminum shelving can enhance the space around us. So take a moment and reexamine the surprising utility of the common shelf.

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Choosing the Right T-slot Accessories

T-slot accessories

In a previous blog on T-slot fasteners—which generally are used to attach accessory items to framed T-slot fabrications—we compared those accessories to the kind of “extras” you might find on an automobile, such as rear-view mirrors or hubcaps. The car will still run fine without them; yet lacking them would diminish not just the aesthetics of the vehicle but also its overall functionality and even safety. By the same token, when it comes to adding T-slot accessories to any of Framing Tech’s standard or custom constructions, it’s important to choose the ones that fit properly and that will serve you best.

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Up Your Creative Game with T-slot Fasteners

T-slot fasteners

The ability to modify and accessorize an object is often key to that object’s paramount usefulness. Imagine a car without hubcaps or rear-view mirrors. It would still be quite functional as a car; yet the lack of those accessories would likely diminish not just the aesthetics of the vehicle but also its overall functionality and even safety. The same is true of Framing Tech’s aluminum fabrications. Accessories add distinct practical advantages to our T-slot creations, and the best way to attach these optional accessories is with T-slot fasteners.

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From Alabaster to Aluminum: A Brief History of Tables

Wooden table

Though it may not seem so, the modern aluminum table is the culmination of thousands of years of technological development. For as long as there have been human beings—mammals notable for their ability to walk upright—there has been a need for a consolidated space for work, play, dining, storage, display, and other uses, away from the dirt and at a convenient height when one is either standing or sitting.

In prehistoric times, natural objects such as fallen trees and conveniently shaped boulders served as the primitive human’s table; further along in time, archaeological evidence of furniture constructed of wood, stone, and other materials dates back to the earliest written history of humanity…and before.

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When it Comes to Doors, Success “Hinges” on the Right Door Accessories

Framing Tech aluminum door accessories

They say that when one door closes, another door opens—but practically speaking, that would be true only if the room has a draft and the doors in question have shoddy latches. With door accessories made by Framing Tech, you won’t have that problem. Doors only open or close at your command.

Here at Framing Tech, we believe in finding just the right tool for the job. We apply this philosophy in all our products, no less in our selection of door accessories designed to fit the needs of any door you may wish to include with your project.

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Aluminum Enclosures: It’s All About Safety

Framing Tech Aluminum Enclosures

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to anticipate every possible thing that could go wrong in an industrial or laboratory environment. And even after you have exhausted every conceivable manifestation of Murphy’s Law within those environments, there will be many “accidents-waiting-to-happen” that you’re bound to miss. And that’s where Framing Tech’s aluminum enclosures come in to save the day. By definition, they are guards. As such, they are expressly designed to guard against those unpredictable Murphy’s Law-types of events.

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Aluminum Shelves: The Next Step in the Evolution of Storage Solutions

Framing Tech Aluminum Shelves

Before exploring the topic of aluminum shelves, let us consider first the human condition. It has often been noted that the basic minimum subsistence requirements for biological survival consist of water, food, and shelter. Along the same lines, human civilization requires, at a minimum, these three things: a source of energy, labor-saving machinery, and an instinct for organization. At the dawn of history, the first two needs were met by the invention, respectively, of fire and the wheel. It could be argued that the third need was met by the invention of—shelving.

Shelves: From Stone Age to Bronze Age—and Beyond

Nowadays, whenever anyone utters the word “shelf,” typically the first image that springs to mind is a bookshelf.

Drawing of Trinity College Library, Dublin
The “Long Room” of the Trinity College Library in the 18th century, watercolor by James Malton (Source)

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About T-Nuts and Other “Nutty” Fasteners

Framing Tech T-Nuts

Fasteners vs. Connectors

Before getting too far into our brief survey of T-nuts, it’s important to make a distinction between fasteners and connectors. The English majors amongst us might consider those two words to be nearly synonymous. In the realm of T-slot aluminum, however, each denotes a very specific set of accessories with well-defined applications.



T-slot aluminum profiles come in a variety shapes, lengths, and measurement systems (either metric or inch). Because of the modular nature of extruded T-slot aluminum, there’s no need to clamp, weld, or glue the various pieces when assembling. Instead, you use connectors of various types to put your profiles together at just the right angle and ensure the final fabrication is strong and stable. These connectors run the gamut, from quick connectors and tilt connectors to gussets, corner brackets, connection plates, and more.



Fasteners, on the other hand, are chiefly used to fasten, or attach, specialty accessories to the finished T-slot fabrication. The accessories may include cable blocks, conveyor rollers, locking handles, doors, side panels, machining jigs, and much more. Among these fasteners are various types of nuts, including the following.

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Live Your Best Life with T-slot Accessories!

Framing Tech T-slot Accessories

Past users of Framing Tech’s aluminum T-slot extrusions are already familiar with their myriad features and advantages: strength, durability, stability, corrosion-resistance, and ease of assembly are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether custom-designed or out-of-the-box fabrications, they are practically perfect for their designated application. But there is always room for improvement. So how do you improve on perfection? With Framing Tech’s T-slot accessories, of course! Here is an overview of our most popular ones.

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