PRESS RELEASE: Framing Technology Inc. Celebrates Its Twentieth Anniversary with Company Expansion


Framing Technology Inc.


Framing Technology Inc. Celebrates Its Twentieth Anniversary with Company Expansion

Framing Tech marks its twentieth anniversary as a leader in the aluminum framing industry with improvements to its manufacturing space and investment in its team.

July 19, 2022— Framing Technology’s journey as a business began in 2002 and the organization has come a long way since. The company is a manufacturer, designer, distributor, fabricator, and installer of modular aluminum extrusion and accessories. Framing Tech provides its products and services to both individuals and commercial enterprises and has seen steady growth since its inception.

Hitting its twentieth year in business is a major milestone, and the company’s success has led to more key expansions to mark the occasion. Manufacturing space is being expanded by 15,000 sq. ft. to a total of 40,000 sq ft. to keep up with an expanding workload and to better serve clients. There have also been a number of new additions to the team recently, as multiple new hires have been made across several departments to expand capabilities and expertise. The company has also invested in new equipment as part of this timely expansion, including a twin-head CNC panel router with multi-sheet capacity, a 5’ x 10’ CNC waterjet, an 8’ press brake w/ CNC back-gauge, a radial arm drill dress, and a hydraulic tapping arm with 1.5” capacity in steel. With expansions in staff, space, and equipment, Framing Tech is poised to maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

“The past twenty years have seen fantastic growth,” commented Chris Hill, co-founder of the company, “By partnering with our clients It’s really their success which has allowed our business to thrive. We will continue to expand these relationships & look forward to our next 20 years in business!

Framing Technology, Inc. is celebrating a successful first two decades by investing in its own success and preparing to serve customers for another twenty years.

Framing Technology Inc. is based in Rochester, NY and manufactures, fabricates and bulk sells t-slotted aluminum extrusions to commercial and individual clients. We offer structural aluminum framing in metric and inch sizes. Additionally, we stock a full range of profile component products that complete or accessorize your unique framing solution requirement.

FramingTech’s Secret Sauce: Accessories

Save 10% on all FramingTech accessories

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

— Leonardo Da Vinci

Word to the Wise: Accessorize

Some things simply go together—they’re just right when paired. Think peanut butter and jelly. Bogey and Bacall. Bacon and eggs. Abbott and Costello. Fish and chips. Astaire and Rogers. Franks and beans.

The list goes on. Individually, each is wonderful in its own way. But when they pair up, the results are magical.

What is true of the kitchen and Hollywood is also true at FramingTech. By themselves, our Extruded Inch and Metric T-slot Aluminum Profiles provide the perfect, versatile aluminum fabrication solutions to a host of customer needs, from shelves and aquarium stands, to carts and enclosures, to tables and workbenches, and more. But when our superior fabrications are customized with the just the right accessories, they go from great to extraordinary.

In the art world they call adding those little extra details the pièce de résistance. Here at FramingTech we call it “attention to detail.” Here is just a sampling of the kinds of accessories available on our website. Continue reading “FramingTech’s Secret Sauce: Accessories”

When the Weather Outside Is Frightful…

FramingTech 2018 Holiday Party

…White Elephants, Indoor Go-Carts,
and Pit BBQ are so delightful!

It’s not only the season to spend time with our families, but also a great time to enjoy our co-workers! For this year’s company Holiday Party we started off the festivities with a Pizza Party and a White Elephant gift event.

We then trudged through the snow-covered streets on our way over to “hit the fast track” at the RPM Raceway (formerly Pole Position) indoor racetrack. There’s nothing that brings a team closer together than screaming around a corner and leaving your co-worker in the dust! Continue reading “When the Weather Outside Is Frightful…”

FramingTech: A Peek Inside

FramingTech Facility

Last month we gave you a video overview of our T-slot extruded aluminum manufacturing facility in Rochester, New York. This month, we present a photo gallery of still images featuring views of our products, product raw materials, and our outstanding, highly skilled work force in action, as well as a selection of our high-tech fabricating, cutting, and shaping equipment, including:

  • Fanuc Robo-drill
  • Brother TC-324
  • Chiron FZ-18L
  • Maka PE70
  • Vertical knee mill
  • Holzher Horizontal Table Saw
  • Niagara manual shearing machine

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger view of the image. Continue reading “FramingTech: A Peek Inside”

FramingTech: A Video Overview

FramingTech Office

It would be next to impossible to describe in a single blog the size of our Framing Technology facility in Rochester, New York, our full manufacturing capabilities, the superior skill of our workers, the plethora of equipment at our disposal, or the abundance of solutions we offer in the realm of T-slot aluminum extrusion fabrications. However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth at least a hundred thousand. Continue reading “FramingTech: A Video Overview”