T-Slot Assembly Tips and Tricks

T-slotted aluminum profiles are modular by nature. There are many types of systems available that all utilize a basic t-slot geometry to allow near infinite mounting positions of components, etc. We are always concerned not only by the engineering characteristics of a structural frame project but also by the aesthetic value it brings to our clients project. Many times, the profiles surround & define the equipment inside, so we are always looking for the cleanest presentation possible. This is why we feel the internal connection vs. the external clad-plate (boiler plate = last century) mentality is superior. The plate method also does not insure that the two joining profiles are pulled together & a gap is possible leaving the resultant assembly out-of-square. High Aesthetic: (quick-connectors face inside of assembly) Old-School: clad-plate

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Time Is of the Essence!

timeToday’s automation equipment manufacturers face ever tightening schedule demands. Engineering departments are running leaner than ever with reduced head-count and more responsibilities. A one week advantage in lead time may be the difference in being awarded a project. Pricing is obviously another determining factor in small or large projects. Once a project is underway it’s critical to have a partnership with a vendor who can exceed expectations in design expertise, material recommendation and fulfillment at the lowest possible cost. Continue reading “Time Is of the Essence!”

Benefits of Using Aluminum vs. Steel

Construction machinery
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Aluminum and steel are both versatile metals that have many uses in a variety of different industries. Both metals come with their advantages and disadvantages. And many advancements have been made over the years in the production of steel and aluminum. Both metals can be melted, casted and machined into different shapes. Both can produce electricity and are recyclable. So, which metal is better?

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The Importance of Machinery Enclosure Solutions

There’s a lot going on at any industrial or construction work site. With so many workers moving around and operating the different machines and tools, it can be quite difficult to be safe all the time. Nevertheless, it’s very important to maintain a safe work environment and ensure the protection of your machinery.

equipment-enclosuresMachine enclosures are the best way to protect your machines and keep employees safe. They come in different sizes and protect various types of equipment. Made of aluminum, machine enclosures help to protect your machinery from damaging and scratching. They also provide environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity, and air particles.help to protect your machinery from damaging and scratching. They also provide environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity, and air particles. Continue reading “The Importance of Machinery Enclosure Solutions”

5 Tips to Better Ergonomics in the Workplace

Aluminum deskTo put it simply, ergonomics is the study of efficiency in working environments. The goal of ergonomics is to find a balance between you and your work condition. More specifically, one that not only keeps you safe and comfortable but also limits work-related injuries. A recent study demonstrates the more hours a day you sit, the greater your likelihood of dying an earlier death. Therefore, good ergonomics can improve your health and overall quality of life at work. Continue reading “5 Tips to Better Ergonomics in the Workplace”